Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Dumb-Ass Tree

I know I have written about my stupid tree before.

But I am thinking of making it a yearly tradition. You know, kind of like when Lucy pulls the football out from under Charlie Brown every year on Thanksgiving.

I truly believe in ritual.

And in a world without stupid trees.

Full story click HERE in today's Chicago Parent.

Don't let the whole "majestic" thing fool you.  My tree is daft.


  1. So your kids throw the snowballs with the leaves squished in? Is that a climbable tree? Ladders and leaf can convince the boys it's as cool as picking apples, I know you can!

  2. I believe this is why we didn't plant any trees at our old house. Chances are pretty good your car gets covered with bird crap too...hmmm?


    1. And then, say, you go 6 months without washing your minivan and now you're REALLY in deep.

      Just me again?

  3. Tina and Andrea there is a old expression that you both are probably familiar with and may have used yourselves "your driving me up a tree!" Your thoughtful and understanding comments may have sent Marianne up into the tree. I wonder if she will ever come down.

  4. Well you know, Mar, this is what you use your Grip 'N Grab for when it starts to snow. You love that gadget soooo much that when a leaf peeks through the snow just use the Grip 'N Grab to get that leaf. Then it will be exercise as well!

    Oh no! Just had a thought! What if that beloved Grip 'N Grab doesn't work when it is freezing. Do tell us.

    Still waiting for a post about your sons' Catholic school. Do those nuns know you are hard on teachers?

    1. That's a whole lot of gripping & grabbing, Carol - but maybe worth a try? I'll get to Catholic school post soon...or maybe in April. You know me....