Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free Birds & Tethered Children

It's going to be a bit trickier eating Tom the Turkey this year.

Full story click HERE in today's Chicago Parent.


  1. l think I heard a bit about this movie, I'll have to go and see it (or wait until it is on Red Box with how often I get to the movies these days). I like your way of getting the popcorn snacks (isn't it ridiculous how much they charge for a bottle of water in a movie theater?)

    I too loved Chuck E Cheese when the kids were younger with their security system. I could hole myself up in a booth away from the games with a good book and a beer and they could play away all afternoon; their only requirement was they had to come to me if they had to go to the bathroom (or if they ran out of money LOL :) Talk about cheap baby sitting :)


  2. Yes - could not agree more about the bathroom head's up. It's mostly a great place!