Friday, February 6, 2015

The Contest - FORFEIT

Don't tell Andrea this, but the fact that I hung in for The Contest as long as I did is a testament to how much I like her.

I have ZERO attention span.

I get bored mid-way through a roller coaster ride.

Nonetheless, the gal is still hanging on and I haven't the heart to tell her I'm outie.

She totally wins, but let's see how many weeks goes by before she actually notices I'm DOA.

Over-under: 6 weeks?

Place your wagers now.


  1. Ok, cool...I'll check back later then. Six weeks? So you saw your shadow and there are six more weeks to the contest? Pretty sure I'm following you, right?

  2. I swear to Jack and all things Patrick I have no idea how you've managed it this long.