Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Elf Drinks

After years of a strong anti-elf stance, I decided to finally embrace the whole idea.

Things have gone a little haywire from there.

Full story click HERE in today's Chicago Parent.

I wanted to add dollar bills for added seediness, but Joe wouldn't let me.


  1. I like your way of thinking with the Elf on the Shelf with trying to figure out different vices for it, LOL, Marianne. I think I would be doing the same things had the Elf been available when my kids were younger. It is a cute concept though, isn't it?


  2. Really? THAT is where Joe drew the line? That is the battle he chose to pick? ;)

  3. Bahaha! I have to say I've never heard of elf on the shelf, so you're one up on me. But giving him vices sounds right up my alley. Next thing you know he'll be picking up hookers. =D