Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 20: The Contest - Windex

When Andrea and I started The Contest, the purpose was to celebrate products we used while proving that being funny and nice is the way to go.  Some weeks, I have struggled to identify products I am 100% devoted to, which makes me wonder why I didn't think of Windex much earlier:

Obviously, I have a problem.
If there isn't a bottle of Windex within reachable distance of me at all times, I get twitchy.  As evidenced by clicking HERE, there is also the tin-foil wearing, conspiracy-loving part of me who might believe Windex is the secret cure for ebola.

But it was a relatively new Windex product that inspired my letter this time, read on below!

Dear Windex,

When you showed up at BlogHer a couple of years ago in Chicago with your big fancy booth, we were all supposed to ooh and ahh over your new Windex Touch-Up Cleaner. Your smiling representatives thrust a sample into my over-stocked goodie bag, and I reluctantly accepted it.

My mistake.

I should have grabbed the entire motherload before security escorted me out. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I use it on our counters every time my messy husband splatters chicken juice across three time-zones while tenderizing future fajita meat.

I use it when my three boys “miss.”

And they miss a lot.

I use it when Midwestern plagues move through Chicago, relegating kids to their beds and mothers to their mid-afternoon wine while desperately wishing the sickies were back in school. I use it ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Which leads me back to not appreciating you two years ago at BlogHer. I am sorry. I was so very wrong. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I have learned my lesson.


Marianne Walsh


So did Windex write me off as another odd stalker fan?


They responded BIG:

My favorite part?  They bubble-wrapped the Windex spray was as though they KNEW.
This brings my total score to 63.  To check out the competition, visit Andrea today!

And thank you, Windex, for having a great sense of humor and an even greater selection of cleaning products!  Shout stain remover has removed poop from my carpet....and do you know how hard POOP is to get out of one's carpet?

Sorry.  I'm just really excited.


  1. I've been so busy with the junkola in my life that I've missed several weeks of these posts. I am so glad to be back and catch one. This made me smile big-time!

  2. "little things mean a lot" Certification by Marianne of functional products means a lot. Go Multitasker! Go Girl!

  3. There definitely is a difference between bargain window cleaners and the real deal. You should really stop pooping on the rug though!

  4. Yeah, stop pooping on the rug. Damn, Mar.

  5. I know you're excited, but you really shouldn't poop on your rugs. I've never heard of this Windex product. Windex always makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Congratulations on your haul.


  6. WINDEX! My Dad would have loved you, Marianne!

  7. Windex? Who would have thought they had so much love in them?

  8. WOW! I must go poop on MY carpet now so I can try out the Shout!