Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon

The time we went ice skating at a place suited more for the Rockefellers....or folks from Minneapolis.  Visit today's Chicago Parent HERE.


  1. What a fun activity and memory! Where was your third son? Love how your hopes for a decent bathroom and your love of free stuff is in the Chicago Parent article.

  2. You usually get it right Marianne, but this time you forgot to mention that there is nowhere to buy coffee or hot chocolate, the bathrooms don't have rubber mats yet so you have to take your skates off before going in, the ribbon has HILLS you have to skate UP, the landscaping is not finished and there is no music piped in. On top of that, it's a 1/4 mile long so it's exhausting. I really think that everyone should skip it so I have it all to my self. ha ha ha

  3. Sounds fun! I took my Daniel (4) ice skating for the first time this year. He was a MANIAC. Although I guess it wasn't technically ice. It was inside and it looked like ice to me though - tomato, toe-ma-to.

  4. That looks super-duper FUN!!!!! I haven't skated since I was a kid. Probably break my neck now, but it would be totally worth it.


    1. Can't skate a lick. Come & hold me.