Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When Bingo Can Break You

It's funny how walking into a room full of strange women can take you right back to your wretched middle school years.

In 1987, I had really bad hair, bad teeth, and bad posture.

But in 2014, I had something else.

A lady named Paula.

Full story click HERE in today's Chicago Parent.


  1. So, so funny. You so eloquently paint the picture of the scenario we've all experienced...and dreaded. If I ever find myself in a large room of strangers playing bingo, and you're there, I expect you to pay it forward.


  2. LOL with the apostles and 4 corners with daubers, you are too funny! Glad Paula was there to save the day! Honestly, you can take the Catholic out of a girl (I was raised Catholic) but you can't take the Bingo out of a girl. I still love to play it and when my mom would come and visit me, we'd always have to find a place to play it. Who can resist that shot of adrenaline to shout out "bingo!"


    1. Shouting BINGO! is why we were put on earth!!

  3. My teeth were and are just great...that is all.